#Solving Together

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The Story so far.. 

#SolvingTogether was launched on 4th April 2022; it is open to everyone who wants to share their good practices or ideas that can help the NHS address the waiting times built up during the pandemic. They don’t have to be new ideas. 

The aim is to co-create a set of high value changes that can be spread across regions and that link with and amplify other local, regional and nationwide initiatives for elective recovery and fair, accessible care.

A pathfinder #SolvingTogether challenge: “supporting people waiting for hip and knee replacement surgery” started in January 2022. There has been an outstanding response and more than 90 ideas. The best idea “‘Supporting people who are waiting’ from Meridian PCN, Cambridgeshire, is now moving to prototype phase.

There are more than 8,000 people engaging with #SolvingTogether generating over 100,000 interactions so far.

The first phase, about supporting NHS elective care to recover, closed on Friday 17 June. The most promising ideas will then be tested and prototyped by teams across regions. Regional leads are being supported by a national team of #SolvingTogether champions to assess the ideas; including NCDs for Elective Care, people with lived experience, leaders in health inequalities, system and regional leaders.

Our aim is for #SolvingTogether to become a sustainable platform for crowdsourcing by NHS England for the long term.  

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