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The NHS Big Conversation
for Improvement

The NHS Big Conversation for Improvement took place on Wednesday 11th and Thursday 12th May 2022. The fully virtual (online) event brought together people from across the NHS, Health and Care and Lived experience partners to keep #SolvingTogether and #ImprovingTogether

If you couldn't make it to the live event - don't worry! 

Recordings and resources from the Big Conversation can be found in our:


Did you enjoy the Big Conversation? Have some feedback you'd like to share? 

What is The Big Conversation?


The Big Conversation brought people together for a range of interactive discussions, workshops and presentations, giving a space for people to talk through the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, exploring continuous improvement opportunities and sharing fresh insights and ideas on how to promote the improvement of health and care for the benefit of everyone, those who experience services and those who provide them.

How do we keep the momentum going?

#SolvingTogether is a regionally-led initiative that is part of a suite of interventions relating to the delivery of transformation led by Tim Ferris, Director of Transformation of NHS England and Improvement.

It's an approach to capture, assess and test learning and ideas that can support support key priorities, and is currently focussed on the recovery of elective services. It will do this by mobilising the people who know the most; those delivering and receiving care and leading services.


Making them fair, accessible and inclusive for all.

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Themes of The Big Conversation 2022

The National Improvement Awards and open conversations are open to anyone and everyone to share their successes and their ideas. There are six themes:

  1. Improving through co-production

  2. Improving health equity

  3. Service-led improvement

  4. Digitally enabled transformation

  5. Collaborating for improvement

  6. Spreading change and improvement across systems

Improving through co-production

Describe how co-production has resulted in successful improvements to services and how they are delivered or how they have put co-production at the centre of how the system learns and embeds change. The panel is keen to hear how people who use services, their carers and your communities have been involved as equal partners from the start.


Improving health equity

Tell us how you have challenged health inequalities and delivered services that positively influence health equity (fair access).This award recognises improved services for people with protected characteristics, under served groups, addresses deprivation or socioeconomic factors. Nominations are welcome from anyone who is involved working to make fair and equal access to health services for everyone. 


Service-led improvement

What are the creative and innovative ways of delivering new services and keeping services going during the Covid pandemic? This includes any examples of improvement through working differently and bringing in new ideas to keep services working. We welcome examples where service users and partners have initiated news ways to receive services and who have co-designed new initiatives with teams to make sure that those who need support receive it. We want to hear from everyone and anyone who has made a difference so that services are delivered, and care and support has been received.


Digitally enabled transformation

Share with us how digital transformation has enhanced services and improved the way we work. Examples may include how you have improved communications within your organisation and for your communities; how you have created and improved online services; how you have used data to address and improve inequalities and reach out to vulnerable people; how you have introduced digital clinical solutions to support staff and service users to access care; how you have provided virtual & remote support for the massive increased demand necessary to keep people receiving and delivering support during Covid; how you have implemented person centred, high quality e-learning & information for service users and staff. We are also keen to hear about how you ensured that people weren’t excluded from accessing services and support through proactive and positive digital inclusion practices. 


Collaborating for Improvement

Show us how collaborative working across teams, professions, organisations, sectors and boundaries improved services for those experiencing the services and for those working within the services. This could be a change that you started that is still working now; a change that made services better and from which you have shared what you did and spread your learning to help others improve too.


Spreading change and improvement across systems

This theme focuses on how people have connected and made improvements across communities and organisations to make a positive impact on services for populations. This could demonstrate application of large-scale change in the support and provision of services that involve services providers working together across a range of organisations; ideas and initiatives that improve health for a target population or whole community. 

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